Self-Service Online Workspace Booking Solution

We developed a scalable SaaS-based platform that supported seamless workspace booking conveniences supporting immersive meeting experiences. 

About this

About this project

Meeting Hub wanted to implement better management and scheduling strategies to maximize the use of meeting rooms and spaces, address organizational concerns, and improve employee efficiency. They wanted to develop a comprehensive platform that allows organizations to eliminate the inconsistencies that manual meeting management brings to a professional workflow. Also, they required a platform that provides a one-stop solution for companies to schedule, cancel, and reschedule meetings in a streamlined manner, keeping everyone involved on the same page. The project scope also included redesigning the platform to create a user-friendly interface, minimize manual functions, and reduce errors to improve user satisfaction and ease of use. Moreover, we had to integrate the platform smoothly with various business calendars to streamline workflows and eliminate scheduling errors.


Product Engineering, Cloud, Customer Experience




About the client

Meeting Hub is online booking software that seamlessly integrates into your website and business. It saves you time and money by automating reservations and processing payments instantly. Their online booking system is SaaS-powered and can be leveraged, scaled, and customized to as many users or organizations and no installations are required.

About the client About the client


Development Plan to Optimize Meeting Hub’s Efficiency

A structured plan was put in place where the designers and developers of Successive Digital came together to build a comprehensive front and back-end solution for Meeting Hub. Meeting room space utilization was maximized, meeting schedules were coordinated and streamlined, and centralized control was allowed to enhance transparency in the workflow.

Efficient Development Strategies for Enhanced Meeting Hub Efficiency

Our designers and developers worked parallelly to build an intuitive front end using Stripe and Angular 5. The backend was built with the latest versions of Angular 5 and Laravel, allowing a fast and interruption-free data flow. Third-party libraries, including Stripe, were also used to manage data efficiently. Our technical expertise and application development experience enabled  Meeting Hub to leverage a streamlined software solution and its clients with a robust and accurate booking process that reduced double-entry errors.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Applications like Google and Outlook calendars can be integrated to schedule and streamline meetings for Meeting Hub’s clients.
  • The modernized solutions reduced scheduling errors and enhanced space management. More people were able to book, cancel, and reschedule meetings easily.
  • User experience-driven UI was enabled, helping employees book meeting rooms in minutes.
  • Admins could comfortably import booking information from their systems, making the process more transparent. 
  • Implemented improvements resulted in a 90% decrease in administrative overhead and a 98% increase in meeting room utilization.

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