Business Objective

Business Objective

Our client, the governing body for the sport of golf in Australia, is on a journey—to reposition itself around the customer and promote fair, safe, and inclusive golf, with a major emphasis on maximizing participation across all age groups with improved culture at golf clubs around the country so that the game is opened to everyone. Hence, the client sought to enhance its digital presence across all touchpoints through a streamlined user experience for improved tournament management. The primary objective was to overcome challenges related to core complexity and the existing tech stack, ensuring a seamless experience for players, staff, and enthusiasts. Together, we streamlined their frontend ecosystem with post-launch support to deliver valuable operational and service enhancements.

Business Challenges

Legacy Infrastructure Constraints

The client has over 200 years of golf heritage as a deep-rooted tradition in Australia's sporting history, along with some great assets: a strong brand and a loyal customer base. But, to improve its competitive position and remain an industry leader, the company needed to enhance its online experiences quickly.

Integration Challenges with Existing Systems

Integrating new technology solutions with legacy systems was important to update the overall infrastructure. However, the client faced significant challenges, primarily around core complexity and the limitations of their existing front-end tech stack.

Real-Time Scorecard Updates

The complexity of managing tournament data and updating scorecards in real-time posed hurdles and the existing technology infrastructure was needed to meet the demands of a modern digital experience.


Business Solution

Successive Digital devised a two-part approach to helping the company transform its business. We provided consultation on data capture during the tournaments and enhanced the tech stack for better user onboarding and module development while fixing the bugs, all underpinned by a holistic road map to guide business decisions. We deployed a dedicated team of developers and undertook a comprehensive analysis of the client’s tech stack. By identifying bottlenecks and areas for improvement, our team proposed and implemented optimizations to enhance overall performance. This included upgrading essential framework versions like React 14 to React 18 to improve the site’s performance and upgraded versions of Contentful CMS to ensure scalable content experiences and future-proofing. To address the challenge of core complexity, Successive Digital adopted a modular front-end development approach for the seamless integration of new features and the efficient management of existing modules. The result was a more agile and adaptable digital ecosystem for the golf entity while managing the user participation in Australian opens and their retention through the sign-up page.

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