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A comprehensive AgriTech solution designed to enhance production quality and empower farmers with data-driven decision-making. This customized and convenient platform offers data-driven farming, profit forecasting, risk portfolio management, farm management, simplified farmland research, and real-time resource and inventory status.

About this

About this project

Smart Farm partnered with Successive Digital to help them build a comprehensive farm management software in the form of a smartphone application that assisted farmers with real-time data on weather, crop management, the latest marketplace price, and more. However, a lack of sustainable hardware, a mismanaged ecosystem, and unsuitable information were roadblocks in the process.


SaaS, Mobile App Development




About the client

With a rise in smartphones and highly affordable internet connectivity across India, people in the deepest parts of the country found themselves with touch-screen phones. As they became more adaptive to smartphone technology, curating smart AgriTech seemed a near possibility. Smart Farms is one of the organizations that desired to capitalize on the idea of advanced Farm Management Software that was easily accessible through a smartphone and allowed farmers to have hands-on information related to farming. Successive Digital partnered with Smart Farms to help their vision come to reality via an intuitive smartphone application.

About the client About the client


Conversing with thousands of farmers nationwide, we understood their necessary needs and built a multilingual smart farming solution using SaaS (software as a solution) that worked seamlessly on basic hardware technology and delivered real-time, on-demand information to farmers. Employing the latest technology trends, we eliminated the need for the middleman and helped farmers enhance their profits with factual and unfiltered pricing and crop management information.

We utilized several technologies, including Android Studio, Java, and JSON for API, to build a seamless front end that worked with the lowest hardware specifications and exhibited up-to-date information that farmers could use in their daily workflow. We made the application multilingual to remove any language barriers that might come in the way of the farmers and their experience. For database management, we employed SQLite, which allows faster data transmission.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Farmers had quick access to a multitude of information in the palms of their hands. From weather updates to marketplace rates, farmers were more informed about things beyond harvesting.
  • A multilingual software allowed farmers to relish the experience of consuming information on their own terms, without any hindrance.
  • Aspects like inventory and resource management became effortless.
  • Overall operation costs were reduced drastically.
  • Farmers found better profits:


Customer Engagement 7x
Customer Engagement 10% increased

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