Multi-Vendor Marketplace for a Renowned Football Academy

Created a BigCommerce-based marketplace to enable multi-vendor management and helped them streamline operations and improve efficiency.

About this

About this project

The client wanted to build a centralized, scalable platform that could manage all operations, including content management and eCommerce operations, such as selling exclusive training materials, articles, and branded merchandise, from a single place and can handle traffic during peak situations. They also wanted to migrate their single-channel platform into a multi-vendor platform to boost their revenue and overall sales.


Digital Strategy, Product Engineering




About the client

The client is a renowned football academy that offers training programs, online resources, and merchandise for aspiring goalkeepers globally. They aim to simplify the efforts of football coaches and provide them with all the resources and supporting materials they require to aspire, learn, grow, and become successful in the field.

About the client About the client


Platform Selection

After evaluating various platforms, we recommended BigCommerce for its robust eCommerce capabilities, scalability, and flexibility. We chose this platform to build the solution due to its extensive customization options, which enabled us to address client’s challenges and meet their requirements.

Marketplace Integration

We integrated BigCommerce and the marketplace platform with their platform. The idea was to streamline their content and digital asset management processes and move their single-channel eCommerce platform to a multi-vendor platform that can accommodate multiple vendors and their SKUs and boost their revenue. The marketplace platform also helped implement a revenue model for generating relevant commission information. 

Centralized Dashboard

Our solution helped in creating a centralized and unified dashboard for the client to manage all their products, articles, training materials, and digital assets from a single place. The aim was to improve operational efficiency and enable real-time operations tracking as and when required. The dashboard also generated actionable customer insights that our client can leverage to offer personalized content and product recommendations based on user preferences and purchase history.

Plugin Development

We utilized BigCommerce capabilities, including the product management model, order management model, and shipping features, to develop a custom plugin that can optimize all their eCommerce operations and improve search functionality to help their customers easily find relevant products and content.

Cloud-based Infrastructure

To enable scalability through our solution, we implemented a cloud-based infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and scalability during peak traffic periods. The aim was to enable continuous availability of their platform with minimal downtime.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Our solution helped the client establish multi-vendor operations from a single, centralized platform. 
  • The developed platform now offers enhanced user experience, simplified navigation, and personalized recommendations, significantly increasing sales and customer engagement. 
  • The scalable infrastructure we built for their platform improved performance during peak traffic periods and accommodated growth without downtime issues. 
  • Lastly, our solution enabled the client to provide seamless and tailored shopping experiences, which resulted in a 3x growth in revenue.

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