Enhancing Operations for a Leading Multi-Vendor Management Platform

Created a fully customized marketplace solution enabling automation, increased profitability, and improved operational efficiency by 70%.

About this

About this project

The client operates multiple eCommerce stores and wanted a centralized platform where merchants can overview all operations, onboard vendors, and view the relevant commission details, and vendors can optimize inventory, manage orders, and complete the fulfillment process accordingly. They also wanted to automate the manually handled operations for these stores from a single application, reduce inventory management and order fulfillment costs, and improve the customer experience for both merchants and vendors.


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About the client

The client runs a leading multi-vendor marketplace solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses automate and streamline critical operations, such as vendor onboarding, inventory management, order splitting, product management, order fulfillment, shipping, and payouts. Their platform integrates with all major eCommerce platforms and provides several shipping solutions, including dropshipping, consignment, click-and-collect, and hybrid.

About the client About the client


Mobile Application

We developed a custom BigCommerce application that can serve as a centralized platform to manage multi-vendor operations and connect merchants, vendors, and end customers. The application helps simplify and automate order management, revenue model management, and end-to-end vendor setup where the client’s customers can easily connect with multiple vendors and manage real-time inventory, order splitting, shipping, fulfillment, and payouts. 

Login Panel

We developed a customized login panel in the application, which provides a user-based dashboard that reflects real-time information for each user: store merchants (overall information, commission details, and vendor management) and vendors (inventory management, order management, shipping, and fulfillment).

API Integration

We also integrated BigCommerce APIs in the application to improve multi-vendor eCommerce operations, such as enhancing inventory management, product management, and categorization, automating order processing and fulfillment operations, and tracking shipping for eCommerce stores, suppliers, and vendors from a single interface.   

Theme Customization

We also utilized the BigCommerce theme builder to modify and customize the theme and improve the experience for our client’s customers. We aimed to build a theme design that better aligns with our client’s brand image and resonates with their customers.

Real-time Tracking

Our solution is designed to help our client’s customers focus on other critical operations while the vendor handles inventory management, product management, and order fulfillment. The application simultaneously updates the data for real-time tracking and seamless management.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Our solution helped the client automate inventory management, invoicing, shipping, and order fulfillment operations for their customers.
  • They have witnessed a significant improvement in their overall multi-vendor operations.
  • They have reduced operational expenses, such as the costs involved in manual inventory and warehouse management for the eCommerce stores.

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