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An engaging and customized food delivery solution designed to promote a healthier lifestyle. The platform offers detailed diet plans, automated logging, affiliate enablement, personalized meal preparation, automated tracking, streamlined billing processes, and an integrated health dashboard for comprehensive wellness management.

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About this project

Macro Plate, an effortless solution to meal planning and dieting, helps thousands of people across the United States with an opportunity to find personalized meal options 365 days a year via a comprehensive on-demand food delivery app. Although a million-dollar idea, the technology required to propel it forward toward growth with more subscriptions and revenue was incomplete. From a majority of tasks being implemented manually to a sluggish website with a stunted user experience, there was a lot to uncover, unscrew, and redo to develop a successful customized food ordering app.


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About the client

Macro Plate, a group of expert chefs, pursued to transform the monotonous health food market with their innovative, personalized, and customized meals. The chefs followed a simple business module where they would receive inquiries via their manual efforts on various social engagement applications like WhatsApp. Customers shared their dietary demands, and Macro Plates helped them with custom meals. Macro Plate learned that manual efforts could only do so much as the business grew. The time to automate was now, and that's when Successive Digital came to light.

About the client About the client


The technological problems for the healthy food ordering app required a multi-dimensional approach. Therefore, we prepared an engaging UI/UX design that allows users to customize their meal plans and create personalized profiles. We also focused on the backend technology and amended better and more secure payment systems, tracking technology, and monitoring techniques.

After initial rounds of talks and brainstorming, our team discovered the issues and tailored a strategic plan with a few things at the core – automation, modernization, and growth. We picked up the existing website but tweaked it at various functional and visual levels to make it appeal to everyone, from modern fitness enthusiasts to someone wanting to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Our hybrid approach also allowed us to rethink from the user’s perspective, which meant adding numerous personalization options that catered to their immediate needs, rendering their experience on the web application smooth. Security was also a primary concern, so we employed a network of some of the best and most secure payment gateways, allowing for a streamlined billing and invoicing process.

To make the front end more interesting for prospects, we employed HTML, jQuery, CSS, and Strip, among other tools, to add more options and customizations. This drove engagement as more people spent time browsing and personalizing options. We spent much time streamlining the backend technology for Macro Plate using MySQL, Laravel, and PHP. Yes, it was time-consuming and demanded an eye for detail, but the end result was a staggering success for us and Macro Plate.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  • Customer engagement is propelled in multitudes, with thousands of customized orders coming directly from the web platform.
  • The billing and maintenance processes also implemented the overall security-enhanced and automation.
  • A staggering 80% growth in sales via the application was witnessed.
  • Automated logging and profiles were set up.
  • Tracking, monitoring, and executing orders from online to offline functioned seamlessly.
  • Customers can now easily customize their meals as per their dietary requirements.

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