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Enabling smart agricultural practices and helping agronomists, retailers, and farmers to utilize intelligent solutions to boost overall performance and user experience.

About this

About this project

With the advent of digital transformation and the increase in the adaptation of smart technologies, businesses have realized the importance of delivering a satisfied customer experience. The client wanted to enhance user-friendliness and elevate customer experience significantly. They emphasized achieving end-to-end functionality and maximizing the available AWS services and infrastructure utilization for optimal performance. The requirement was to deliver a feature-rich and highly performant mobile application that lets customers engage more efficiently. The client wanted a high-quality mobile application that mirrors the functionality of their existing progressive web application (PWA), and added a few critical business functionalities.


Cloud, Customer Experience, Product Engineering


Durham, NC


About the client

Growers is a multi-vendor eCommerce marketplace that empowers farmers and retailers to establish a powerful relationship and transform the agricultural supply chain. Our collaboration with Growers primarily aims to enhance farming operations and transactions by adopting precision technologies, developing a single platform to streamline the bidding process, and delivering unparalleled convenience to all participants within their agricultural ecosystem.

About the client About the client


Expanded Cloud Technologies for Smart Agriculture Processes

Building upon its existing utilization of Amazon Web Services (AWS) for numerous infrastructure requirements, Growers opted to broaden its AWS implementation further to build the Smart Agriculture Platform. This global solution caters to farmers and retailers, offering features such as procurement, processing, supply chain management, financial oversight, and data-driven analytics. The AWS infrastructure facilitated an exceptionally efficient and transparent bidding process, ensuring equitable pricing, fostering trust, and delivering unparalleled convenience to all participants in the agricultural ecosystem. The highly scalable, configurable, and future-ready unified platform has empowered Growers to embrace Digital Agriculture, achieving profitability and sustainability in their agricultural pursuits.

Unified Platform Development As Mobile App

Collaborating closely with Growers, Successive Digital developed a modern application that connects a diverse range of users, from individual small-scale farmers to large agricultural enterprises. This collaborative effort enabled farmers and retailers to access and manage their data seamlessly through web and mobile applications. Our experts helped Growers with their dedication to promoting growth and offering a potent and dependable bidding environment. Their unified platform sustained farmers and retailers with a robust and reliable bidding solution.

Utilizing AWS Ecosystem at its Best

The solution leveraged Terraform – an Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool for infrastructure management that helped build, change, and version cloud infrastructure safely and effectively. We built and deployed the Mobile application platform leveraging docker containers with Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS)—which runs highly secure, reliable, and scalable containers—powered by AWS Fargate. This serverless, pay-as-you-go compute engine was used to build applications without server management, and it supported features such as autoscaling. The solution also incorporated AWS WAF for enhanced platform security and safeguarding against potential threats. Additionally, the platform utilized other serverless services such as AWS Amazon EventBridge, AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, and PostgreSQL on RDS for databases.


Providing results that exceeded the client’s expectations

  1. The unified platform significantly boosted farmers’ and retailers’ productivity and profitability.
  2. AWS Cloud adoption accelerated IT and development cycles from weeks to days, improved time-to-market, fostered growth, and reduced costs.
  3. The platform enhanced collaboration, elevating engagement and customer interaction.

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